What Makes Secret Agent Squad So Unique?



A squad is only as good as its leader. Agent 74 is a veteran kid wrangler and agent leader. He prides himself on constantly improving his enrichment and summer programs every year with larger, more high tech facilities, innovative curriculum, and more advanced equipment. He surrounds himself with only the most dedicated, energetic, and experienced staff. Agent 74 has over 16 years of teaching experience in Los Angeles and San Francisco. 



Agents are lead by instructors with extensive backgrounds in teaching, theater and athletics. All staff  complete a background check and TB test before guiding agents through their training and missions. 


SPY Crafting: 

Agents will have the chance to make camo drawstring bags and use invisible ink. Other spy crafts include a personalized hidden compartment book safe and numerous colorful paracord crafting projects. 


Gadget Design:

Agents will learn how to design gadgets, blue prints, maps and more using 3D Printing Pens. They can flex their imagination and skills to build foam grappling hooks,tactical gear belts and spy accessories. 


Technology in Action:

Agents will explore fingerprinting and the fun elements of forensic and GPS tracking technology. Parabolic microphones, professional grade walkie-talkies, mini recording devices and laser distance trackers are just a few of the real gadgets we make use of in accomplishing our mission objectives.   


Hands on Skills and Training:

Experienced instructors teach kids how to avoid conflicts and escape to safety. Kid-friendly elements of Krav Maga, Boxing and Aikido are taught with an emphasis on restraint, respect, and discipline. 


Real Training and Mind-Blowing Missions:

The skills and play are all thoughtfully designed to lead up to fun and fast paced missions. We create age appropriate activities and fun challenges. No matter what your agent's age, they will be doing something they enjoy that also builds their confidence.