What People Are Saying About Us

Our children Quinlan (Agent Bumgarner) and Ellie (Agent Lollipop) absolutely loved being part of the Secret Agent Squad last summer and will be returning.

As parents, we were equally impressed with the counselors, their interactions with the children and the true life skills that were taught during their week with you.
— Neil Stallings
(This) looks nothing short of awesome. I only wish I was young enough to attend. Anything run by Mr. Matt has got to be MFE (Most Fun Ever).
— Rick Ackerly Former CDS Head of School (2002-2010)
Matt brings serious fun: the type of fun that leads to serious learning. Fun that leads to having the confidence to take on challenges and to find your way through them. Matt has provided serious fun to hundreds of students along his career.
— Lucian Beebe, VP Product Management at DoubleDutch
I have worked with Matt for years. I am continuously impressed by his rapport with students. He keeps the children interested and excited about what they’re doing, and is always sensitive to the various needs present in any group of students. He has a true gift for helping children resolve conflict and treat each other kindly and fairly.
— Margaret Piskitel, Preschool Program Director